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January 06, 2011



OMG, that body measure thing brings me back to elementary school when our gym teacher would measure us in front of the rest of the class. It was awful! I don't think I could buy one of those!


oh let me know how you like the dance wii- I am thinking of getting it :)


Looks like you have a plan! Good Luck!!


Wishing you every success - looks bright, fresh and hopeful!


Good luck!

I have just started trying to do a bit on the Wii exercise bike - it's good fun

Cheri Andrews

I'm on the journey with you this year - and your post reminds me, I really need to open up those CZ templates and figure out how I plan to use them! :)


How do you like the CZ templates? I was thinking of getting them.


i love what you are doing...thank you for inspiring.


"Move More Eat Less" is such a simple idea, but so difficult to achieve. Looks like you have all the right tools to get you started though.

Christina T

Good luck! Move more eat less is kind of a lifelong pursuit :) You are not alone!

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