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November 03, 2010



Fall colors are the absolute best.

Have a terrific day. :)

Wordless Wednesday

Reno, the Biggest Little City

Great shot! What a beautiful way to say fall.


It is definitely Fall from looking at your golden leaves.

Christina T

Beautiful colors-gorgeous photo! I love your Fall Blog Banner too-great photos :)


A light show!


Beautiful photo! It captures the essence of fall wonderfully. :)


lots of different colors on that leaf! pretty!


I've seen a few posts today with autumn leaves. The colours never disappoint. Autumn sure is a beautiful time of year although we're in Spring here in Tasmania at the moment


Autumn can never be boring.

Sukhmandir Kaur

Leaves are perhaps the most incredible just before they drop and fall from the tree. I wish we could see our own changes more that way, like when skin reddens and gets a little rough with age ;) wouldn't it be wonderful if we thought it beautiful. Happy WW


Ah, if they would only stay so beautiful and not have to be raked up.


You captured one of my favorite things about autumn. I love the leaves on the trees as their color is a peak and as they slowly fade.


Gorgeous! Seriously beautiful colors... makes me miss having a real fall.

William K Wallace

Autumn is my favourite time of the year, the colours are that abound all over the landscape are amazing and inspiring...


great colors...nice shot! thanks for visiting my stunning chandeliers! happy wordless wednesday! :)


I really love the warmth in this. Thanks for sharing!


Great shot of the fall colors. The lighting is beautiful.


So beautiful. We've lost most of our leaves now, so this was especially delightful.


I love fall...the colour of the leaves are so beautiful...but I'm not so thrilled when I have to rake autumn's spendour... :) Great site! I'll be back to learn some photo tips.

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