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September 08, 2010



The reflections are a bit disorienting, but that is part of what makes this an interesting photo :)

Sam (Sippies71)

Loved looking at this pic! Happy WW :)


Unusual imagery to get us thinking.

stevebethere from bethere2day

Love it and very unusual.

Happy WW!


Wow ... that is disorienting, but a lovely image :)

Happy WW!

Sukhmandir Kaur

Since i can't imagine an upside down turtle i am imagining a deliberate reflection technique which makes the actual turtle with its head pointing up to be the reflection of the reflected turtle which appear up side down... Complicated huh LOL


wow, great image, makes me keep looking at it to see what it is.

Susie's Homemade

That IS interesting!


Wow! I am confused on this one!


Great interest pic!!


Awww he is so cute!


I got confused for a second, lol! Great pic!

Evan's Mom

Wow very interesting, made me thinking for awhile but still can't figure out how you did that :)


I looked at this for some time. Very interesting and I see many different things in there. The last is an upside down dinosaur! Go figure.

Happy WW!

Anyone know what happened to the WW site? It is off line for some time now.


Cool shot! It did take a minute to figure it out. Very interesting. :-)


Like others, I too was twisting and contorting trying to figure out how you did that! Great puzzler!

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Optical Illusion
G R E A T Vision
Me Heart :)

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