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September 15, 2010


And Miles To Go...

wow, what a foreboding looking creature. But great captures!


A face only a mother... well may not even. Mr. roadkill himself. We have a few of these that like to sit out in the back field watching the goats and cows. The animals are all alive and well though, so I am not sure why the vultures hang out there.

Happy WW and thanks for the visit!

Sukhmandir Kaur

Gotta wonder what it's after >>. Great shot. Scavengers do keep our roads clean of carcasses, however creepy they may appear.

Faythe @GrammyMouseTails

Mr. Turkey Vulture... creepy dudes they are! Big and bullies too. I seen them gang up on hawks & other predators... Yuck!


It's huge and scary looking!

veronica lee

WOW!! Such awesome captures!!! The bird creeped me out though.

Happy WW!


They may not be handsome birds, but they sure can fly.

Reno, the Biggest Little City

Hey, who said the clean up crew had to be good looking?


Those things make me shudder, but wow, what shots!

Following now! Love the feel of your blog!


Wow. Look at that wing span!


Oh wow! That is huge! What kind of bird IS that?

Thanks for stopping by, Happy WW!


Vulture? Buzzard? This is in your yard? Wow. You don't often see those birds of prey so up-close-and-personal.


I have only seen a vulture in Go Diego Go (a cartoon show) hehehehe... it doesn't exist here in the Philippines. thanks for dropping by my site! have a wonderful Wednesday!

Susie's Homemade



Ooohh he's creepy!


Happy WW to you, too! That wingspan is incredible. Truly a unique visitor!


Whoa, totally awesome!!!


Don't you just love how they fly away once you get the camera in focus! Dang, not like we can catch them or anything!

Nice shots!

Evan's Mom

Oh wow, that's one huge visitor. Great shot!
Happy WW.

Sarah @ 2paws Designs

Oh wow, that is amazing! Great photos. :)

Cindi @ Rustique Art

Truly great photos of an ugly yet amazing bird. I'm always shocked at how big they are.


Wow - great shots of these kind of freaky creature! :)

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