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December 12, 2009



Anything with sea salt is good to me! These look mouth watering :-)

Carol Zeitz

Yumm! Thanks for the recipe!


Very impressive! So, if the thermometer doesn't hit the right temperature at boiling, do you just make a mental note of this? It's not like there's a way to adjust it, is there?


Yummy! Thank you for this.. now I just have to work out how to translate "cups" into English measurements and I'm all set to go!

Angela, regarding your thermometer, I would think that if yours doesn't hit 100 at boiling point, you would just remember that you add/take away a degree or three from the recipe temperature to compensate (unless it's really out, in which case you may need a new thermometer!)


Ooh yummy. You have some mouthwatering ideas on your blog.


What a neat and creative idea!


Mmmmm, so yummy. I was always a bit intimidated by the idea of candy making, but I read through your directions and this sounds like something I could do :) I will definitely be giving this a try!


Those look delicious!

Fun Mama - Deanna

These sounds great and I'm planning to link to this recipe on my blog tomorrow. Thanks for sharing!


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