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November 30, 2009



I can't wait for all the fun to start for Christmas. :) Love your wreath!


Pretty wreath! I love the red-I would keep it! I have to work on the Dec Daily album a little bit every night. Some nights it really is just a photo snapped of one of the kids asleep with a santa hat on. But I hate to get more than a few days behind. I don't always print out everyday though. Sometimes I'll print a couple days out at a time. I can't wait to see your album! (Sometimes I cheat and use a photo from November :)

Julie Johnson

Wow, great wreath! You are so talented! Yes, I haven't started my Dec Daily album either...hoping to get caught up and maybe ahead by the weekend!

Account Deleted

That looks really pretty... makes me all warm and toasty inside :)

Photographing Mom

Playing along with all three of them. :o) The plan is to simply do it daily. Remember we get 20 minutes a day for us! Thanks Jessica Sprague!

Maria Ontiveros

Beautiful wreath! I'm working on Tim Holtz tags starting tomorrow, and we'll see if that grows into an album/journal.


Love love love your wreath! I think the red looks great, personally I wouldn't change a thing! Good luck with your album :) I know that I'm not going to be able to keep up every day, so I'm planning to at least keep up with the photos and to work on the album when I have chunks of time.


So cute! I still have the pumpkin outside.... LOL

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