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December 07, 2010



My snow days sound about like yours. We would be up early to listen for cancellation. If school was canceled, the neighbor kids and I would go sledding and then have hot chocolate afterwards and play inside. :)

Susie's Homemade

Same here:-)


Beautiful pages!

I loved listening to the radio for snow days as a kid then staying in all day and playing with my neighbor. I actually think I like snow days even more as the mom. I get up, check online and do a little happy dance when school is canceled. LOVE it!


Love your big photo - the pages look great ... We never got snow days :(.


There was so much anticipation around snow days back then. There is no anticipation anymore. My kids usually know before they go to bed if school is being cancelled the next day - the school district has to make decisions way in advance to call off all the busses. In the rare occasion that they don't make an early decision and the roads get really bad, we get an automated phone call at THREE A.M.! And we wonder why kids today have a problem with instant gratification?


We never had snow days either. It's just a lot of rain we have to put up with here. Did Laura Ingalls Wilder's "Long Winter" happen in Wisconsin? It is my favourite wintery story.


Love your page!

stevebethere from bethere2day

I love these thank you :-)


Love the pictures and the pages! Hope A and M will feel better today!


I love the strip of paper up the side, it's perfect!


WOW! Fab photos! Thanks for sharing your JYC

Christina T

Love your Christmas Journal! Especially that photo of the snow on the spruce tree-beautiful photo!!

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